Fortbud Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zglenickiego 42a, 09-411 Płock
tel. 24 366-28-68

Founded in 2007, Fortbud Ltd. specialises in scaffolding erection and hire.

We are an experienced and professional scaffolding company which has built its reputation on quality, and reliability. Both management and scaffolders are trained and qualified.
The chairman of the company is working within the industry since 1994 which enabled him to gain broad theoretical and practical knowledge backed up by a number of qualifications. He is also a lecturer of Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw, Poland which entitle him to train building industry workers applying for scaffolder qualifications.
We offer our services to customers:

  • individual customers carrying out investments, and modernizations
  • building companies for commercial, industrial and domestic building
  • heat insulation companies,
  • monument conservation companies
  • institutions organizing cultural and scientific events
  • individual customers.

Fortbud Ltd. operates in domestic market. Currently we enjoy working with a wide range of clients such as high profile clients to private clients.
We have carried out works in various sites such as PKN ORLEN SA in Płock, MOSTOSTAL SA in Płock, at monument coservation non Św. Janów Cathedral in Toruń, at Mazowieckie Museum and "Przedwiośnie" Cinema renovation in Płock. We took part in the construction of the first shopping canter in Płock,  "Galeria Wisła". We have workes as well at Elektrownia in Bełchatów, Sanatorium pod Tężniami in Ciechocinek and at housing estate building in Warsaw (TIVOLI, Górczewska), at building and  insulation of housing estates in Płock (Armii Krajowej, Jana Pawła, Reja, Gierzyńskiego).